Red Bird Yesterday

Red Bird’s birth took place in 1940’s Littleton Colorado.

Red Bird Farms is deeply rooted in the American traditions of hard work, perseverance, and family values. In the early 1940’s, the company began as a supplemental source of income for a hard working butcher named Henry Gibson. Henry’s profession as a butcher for Lemcke’s Meat Market left him in want of more. Seeing opportunities in poultry, Mr. Gibson began raising chickens. His increased success allowed Mr. Gibson to leave Lemcke’s Meat Market and focus solely on his poultry business.

Henry Gibson made the company his namesake: Gibson’s Poultry. With this bold undertaking, Henry succeeded in supplying 5,000 to 10,000 fresh chickens to local markets each week. He also employed 30 people and pioneered one of the strongest post war success stories in Littleton, Colorado.

Unfortunately, the Gibson family met an untimely death in a tragic train accident. Mr. Gibson, his wife, and his three kids were all killed. In their grief, Mr. Gibson’s brother and sister in law, Ethan and Mary Adams, took over the business. To mark the shift, the Adams family named the company Red Bird Farms. Despite the change in name, the Gibson’s family business maintained its original reputation for quality and service.

Red Bird Farms continued to thrive. Then, in 1980 a poultry company named George’s purchased Red Bird from the Adams. Although George’s, (a company from Arkansas), continued the tradition of quality, George’s wasn’t as connected to the Colorado community as Red Bird’s previous owners.

Therefore, Red Bird changed hands for the final time in 1990. A young entrepreneur named Mareo Torito bought Red Bird from George’s. Just like Red Bird’s founder, Mareo was a trained butcher and also a seasoned restauranteur. Mareo followed in the footsteps of his predecessors by continuing the hard work and innovation of Henry Gibson. To this day, Mareo maintains a close tie to the community that has seen Red Bird grow. Ever grateful for the foundation laid by Red Bird’s creators, Mr. Torito looks to the future with one eye always on the past.