Chicken Safety

Here at Red Bird Farms, the kitchen is the most popular room at the office. All employees love to eat, and we’ve found that many of our best ideas and brain storming takes place in this room. Unfortunately, the kitchen is also the place where food safety can be the most at jeopardy.

We want to help your family stay well fed and healthy.

Cook chicken to 165* farenheight (use a thermometer to measure internal temperature). A good oven temperature to roast a chicken is between 375-400*. Try to keep humidity out of your oven for better results!

Refrigerator: store fresh chicken between 30-36.* This temperature will maximize shelf life and keep your chicken nice, juicy, and bacteria free.

Freezer: If you must freeze your Red Bird chicken, then be sure to remove the chicken from the tray pack and place into a plastic bag. The atmosphere in the tray packs has oxygen, so it will cause freezer burn.

Grocery bag on counter: Did you know that a large part of cross contamination occurs in reusable grocery bags? Make sure you clean your bags and also bag your raw meats separately from produce.

Cutting board: Use separate cutting boards for raw and cooked items. Also, be sure to have separate cutting boards for chicken, fish, meats and produce.

Plates: Keep separate plates for cooked and raw chicken.

Sink: Wash your hands often and thoroughly. 1 in 6 Americans get food poisoning each year, and much of that
illness can be avoided with proper hygiene. Wash your hands between handling different items, after using the restroom, and regularly throughout the cook process.

Knife: Keep separate knives for separate items. Also, keep knives sharp. You’re less likely to slip and cut yourself with sharp knives (rather than dull). Keep your chicken cuts clean and safe.

Plate of food on the table: Click here to see some great Red Bird Farms recipes!

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